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We're a traumagenic system (OSDD-1b). Home; Friends; Members; Our system friends we will add you to this list if we know you and talk with. . what is DID; what causes DID. . (sometimes other languages) system in self-acceptance and discovery. sheher 20 protector trans woman fictive from FateExtra Last Encore, very upbeat and optimistic but in a way that&x27;s still very grounded in reality June 9th, 2020. . Sleepy System Info Hello, we&39;re Rowan or Faye (theythem), we&39;re a 24 year old college student and we&39;re majoring in computer science. These are NOT the minimum requirements for a playable game experience If you have just the bare minimum and a low-end graphics. Qualifications Posting payments Preparation of deposits. . An info carrd about our system 16 OSDD system here KairiMadam Kyle Violet Riley Duke Byakuya Alex Omega Sarah Sara AroArrow Vex Dark Lucy Sarada Mahiru Age 19 Roles Co-HostHost Trauma Holder. -MAsky. We&39;re nonbinary aroace bisexual. The Angel System. . Felium System. Helps people figure out about my alters Meep2306. we have a plethora of issues that strongly affect all aspects of our lives. . Dimensions (Overall) 3. adhd and ptsd. She likes cooked tomatoes. Christophe is the main protector of the system and current host. SYSTEM CARRD open > nova file Text nova or ollie protector she her prns no physical form also ollie from jrwi riptide plushies, acnh, acnl, cats, steven universe, jrwiriptide SYSTEM CARRD open > will and asher file asher any will. . I. 00. In noun form, the system member is an Anima-mate. .
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Cancel; Star; Plane; Andie. System Intro Triggers Contact Us Back. If you&x27;re unsure who you&x27;re talking. To sign in again, go to one of the websites or tools that is included in MyAccess's simplified sign in program. Kai Host of the system, 25 years old, matches the body age. Son to Dahlia Quackity-Soot. . We&x27;re nonbinary and polyamorous. . We love you System Stuff ---> God Complex System This carrd is for the whole system Check here for our account carrd. System carrd for Scintillant-Nimbus the Scintillant System, or formerly anthracitewhispers. . X - doesn't sign off, may be hard to tell when they're fronting.

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